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ThermoFisher Webinar with Bremansu Osa-Andrews, PhD

What the CLIA 2024 Final Rule Means for Your Laboratory

The CLIA proficiency testing revisions will take effect on July 11, 2024, introducing significant changes to both microbiology and non-microbiology laboratory sections. These updates include modifications to grading, reporting and the regulation of certain analytes.

Join Dr. Bremansu Osa-Andrews from the University of Florida for an in-depth webinar where he will elucidate the details of the CLIA 2024 final rule, helping laboratories stay informed and prepared for future inspections.

In this comprehensive session, Dr. Osa-Andrews will: 
  • Summarize the CLIA Proficiency Testing Final Rule's historical aspects and other provisions
  • Describe the finalized requirements, including the microbiology changes and the non-microbiology changes, total allowable error and other acceptable limits
  • Explain some applicable steps laboratorians to prepare for the upcoming CLIA regulatory changes
Bremansu Osa-Andrews, PhD
Bremansu Osa-Andrews, PhD
Medical Director and Clinical Assistant Professor of Pathology
University of Florida
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