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Delivering the Future of Genomic Pathogen Surveillance

Delivering the Future of Genomic Pathogen Surveillance content piece image

Serious infectious disease outbreaks have been an ever-present threat throughout human history and, driven by factors such as increasing globalization, population growth, urbanization and climate change, that threat is increasing.

The rapid advancement of genomic technologies means that it is now possible to characterize pathogens more easily and comprehensively than ever before; however, due to high costs and infrastructure requirements, global access to such technologies has traditionally been limited to well-funded, centralized laboratories. Nanopore sequencing can be used to overcome these challenges.

Download this whitepaper to discover how Oxford Nanopore has supported:

  • Rapid surveillance of monkeypox virus from complex metagenomic samples
  • Wastewater sequencing – an early warning system for infectious disease outbreaks
  • Simple, cost-effective surveillance of antimicrobial resistance