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A Framework for Successful Cell Line Development

A Framework for Successful Cell Line Development
Credit : Istock

Cell line development for monoclonal biotherapeutics typically requires screening of hundreds of clones, each grown from isolated single cells from a transfected cell pool.

Conventional fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) has improved the throughput of these screens by enabling isolation of cells of interests based on fluorescently tagged surface markers. However, the high sorting pressure often leads to compromised cell survival and thus reduced clonal growth. The high instrument cost, complex and lengthy operation, high maintenance, and large volumes of sheath consumption makes FACS cost-prohibitive for many labs.

The enclosed app notes and article highlight the use of an innovative gentle single cell dispensing technology that simplifies the cloning workflow while improving the cloning efficiency and robustness for safe and cost-effective biopharmaceutical cell line development.

Download these app notes to learn more about:

  • A solution for effective single cell sorting
  • Ensuring reproducible product quality
  • Efficient and robust enrichment of high titer CHO cells

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