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Monitoring Intact Light Chain of Therapeutic mAbs in Human Serum Using HRAM LC-MS

Each year, more monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are approved by regulatory agencies to treat a wide range of diseases. The advantage of using therapeutic mAbs lies in their inherent specificities for recognizing and counteracting foreign substances (so-called antigens). Due to their molecular complexity, including post-translational modifications, biopharmaceutical companies have embraced many advanced analytical techniques such as mass spectrometry to better characterize and quantify mAbs during the development stages.

Download this tech note to learn how mass spectrometry has gained substantial popularity for therapeutic mAb monitoring in clinical laboratories due to its great versatility to detect both tryptic peptides and intact light and heavy chains quantitatively including:

  • <1.5 hours of sample preparation
  • Minimized sample loss
  • Single software platform from data acquisition to reporting