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Novel High-Throughput Image Cytometry Method for T-Cell Immunophenotyping and Viability Readouts


The cell therapy manufacturing process requires the guidance of chemical manufacturing and controls for analytical method development focusing on the critical quality attributes (CQAs). One of the major CQAs for cellular therapy products is identity, which is typically characterized by determining and distinguishing the antigen receptors on the cells.

Flow cytometry is the most widely used technique by immunology laboratories and despite providing valuable information, data acquisition via flow cytometry can be time consuming, not only due to sample preparation and run-time but also because it requires an expert user and access to a flow cytometry instrument.

Download this app note to learn how an image cytometer can:

  • Measure cell populations, viability and concentration without the need for a time-consuming flow cytometer run
  • Reduce the reliance on a busy flow cytometry core facility
  • Provide flow-like data directly at the laboratory bench
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