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An artist's sketch of a plague.

What Are We Still Learning About Ancient Pathogens and Diseases?

Insight into the history of human–pathogen interactions, how different societies responded to disease and the origin of pathogens supports our understanding of human health and evolution. We explore what we're still learning about ancient pathogens and diseases.
Oversized syringe containing a vaccine being injected into the world.

Next-Gen mRNA Technology: A Crucial Pandemic Preparedness Tool

Drew Burch discusses how next-gen mRNA technology is one of the most valuable tools to combat and control disease outbreaks and why continued investment in this field is crucial for maintaining our pandemic preparedness.
Microscopy image of elongated bacteria in groups of two or three.

Your Gut Is Proof That You Lived Through a Pandemic

A microbiome analysis study highlights that pandemic-related lifestyle changes may be responsible for alterations seen in the microbial profile of the small intestine before versus during the COVID-19 pandemic.
A title reading "An Introduction to Bayesian Statistics"

An Introduction to Bayesian Statistics

Bayesian statistics has emerged as a powerful methodology for making decisions from data in the applied sciences. Bayesian brings a new way of thinking to statistics, in how it deals with probability, uncertainty and drawing inferences from an analysis.
A section of RNA split from a DNA strand.

Gene Therapy: A New Frontier in Disease-Modifying Therapies

The gene therapy landscape is dynamic and constantly shifting. In this article, we will review major advances in disease modification for illnesses that presently still lack effective treatments, as well as some challenges and approaches to overcome them.
A sign listed on a window that reads "proof of vaccination required".

Is It Finally Time To Discuss Vaccine Mandates?

In this op-ed, Professor Michael S. Kinch argues that the only way we can the COVID-19 pandemic is "to mandate that all individuals are not merely vaccinated but remain up to date with boosters."
Graphical representation of the human liver surrounded by antibodies.

Autoantibody Detection for the Differentiation of Autoimmune Liver Diseases

This article explores the importance of testing for liver-related autoantibodies to differentiate between three autoimmune liver diseases.
A researcher holds up a vial of liquid containing a strand of DNA.

Advances in Biopharmaceutical Analysis

Biopharmaceuticals require careful analysis during research, development and manufacturing. In this article, we highlight some of the analytical techniques employed in biopharmaceutical analysis, and how the field is evolving to meet new challenges.
Human silhouette with internal organs visible.

How Body-on-a-Chip Tech Is Transforming Research With Professor Donald Ingber

Professor Donald Ingber is responsible for developing human organ chips, which provide researchers with a window into inter-organ physiology and the body’s response to drugs, without animal testing. Technology Networks' invited Ingber to an Ask Me Anything session to answer your questions about this incredible technology.
A man taking an item out of his medical cabinet.

HPV Is Not Just a Women’s Health Issue

A recent study found that over one-third of men aged 15 years and over are infected with at least one type of HPV. In this article, we explore why HPV is not just a women's health issue.