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Latest eBooks

A test tube containing pink liquid is held up by a gloved hand in front of a DNA model.

Cell and Gene Therapies: From the Lab to the Clinic

Cell and gene therapies are at the forefront of innovation in modern medicine, changing how we study and treat human disease. Download this eBook to explore advances, applications and approaches to cell and gene therapies.
antibody discovery

Accelerating Antibody Discovery With Advanced Label-Free Technology

The development of antibodies for diagnostics or therapeutics requires comprehensive characterization of affinity, specificity and mechanism of action. In particular, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are an exciting and emerging class of biopharmaceuticals with applications in cancer.

Solutions for Vaccine Development

This eBook highlights ways that you can level up your vaccine research with selected bioreactor tools to fit your vaccine development workflow.
A series of test tubes filled with colored liquid and arranged in a rainbow.

Pride in Science

Download this eBook to read interviews from LGBTQIA+ individuals studying and working in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine.
oncology studies

Unlock the Potential of Your Preclinical Oncology Studies

This eBook explores how humanized mouse models can accelerate the development of novel, safe, and effective oncology treatment
Gene Sequencing

Whole-Genome Sequencing: Small Genomes

The ability to characterize microbial genomes is advancing many fields of research. In fact, sequencing approaches now allow scientists to understand disease origins and anticipate transmission patterns with applications across human health, farming and food production industries.
Purification Solutions for Therapeutic Antibodies content piece image

Purification Solutions for Therapeutic Antibodies

In recent years, different therapeutic antibody modalities have been developed to address different therapeutic needs.
Innovative Tools for Cancer Immunotherapies content piece image

Innovative Tools for Cancer Immunotherapies

This eBook highlights innovative tools to evaluate the potency of immunotherapies in vitro. It features an assay that is objective and easy to perform (non-invasive and stain-free), providing quantitative kinetic results under physiologically relevant conditions.
Microplate-Based Assays in Microbiology Research content piece image

Microplate-Based Assays in Microbiology Research

Microplate-based assays offer key features dedicated to the optimization and success of microbiology analyses. They can deliver highly accurate and reproducible results in real-time, making them a more efficient alternative to traditional techniques.
Cell Metabolism: A New Avenue in Drug Discovery content piece image

Uncover New Drug Targets Through Cell Metabolism

Dysfunctional metabolism is associated with a growing number of different disease states. The ability to examine the genes, proteins and pathways that modulate energy metabolism is therefore a promising new avenue for drug discovery.