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Automating Your 3D Cell Cultures

Automating Your 3D Cell Cultures content piece image

The use of organoids, self-organized three-dimensional (3D) assemblies of cells, as research tools has become more common due to their ability to better recapitulate human disease compared to more traditional models. In addition, organoids show great promise in personalized medicine, as biopsies can be used to generate organoids that maintain many functional and genomic characteristics of the donor patient. For organoids to become commonplace in personalized medicine or drug discovery, it is essential that the methods used become amenable to a high throughput setting.

Download this eBook to discover:

  • Key challenges and advantages to using 3D cultures in a high-throughput setting
  • How Matrix 3D plates are used to support high-throughput organoid assays
  • How to automate the handling of organoids