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Get a Front Row View of Your Cells

Get a Front Row View of Your Cells content piece image

The ability to perform cell analysis is fundamental to most research and development activities. Investigating a cellular response can involve multiple approaches to gathering information and often multiple instruments are needed to glean the necessary results. In addition, imaging cell-based assays typically require the use of fluorescent probes that can be toxic to living cells or may only function in fixed cells.

Imaging with a cytometer enables rapid cell analysis, giving you a better view of cell proliferation, marker expression and cytotoxicity. It also allows you to count and measure the confluency of your cells without needing to label them.

Download this eBook to discover a rapid imaging and cell analysis solution that can:

  • Image cells, run cell-based assays and detect western blots, on a single platform
  • Monitor cell growth without disrupting cells
  • Track cell proliferation without dyes