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Large Insights Into Microorganisms

Large Insights Into Microorganisms  content piece image

Traditionally, microorganisms have been studied through culturing individual species or strains using artificial culture media; however, of the ~10 million species so far catalogued, only ~10,000 have been cultured in the laboratory.

Genome sequences for ~490,000 microbial strains are now publicly available. However, due to the inherent limitations of traditional short-read sequencing technologies, much of what we know about microbial genomes is based on incomplete data. In fact, approximately 90% of bacterial genomes are incomplete.

Download this eBook to learn how microbiologists are using long-read capabilities to achieve:

  • Unrestricted read length
  • Enhanced targeted sequencing
  • Rapid, real-time results
  • Cost-effective, scalable and on-demand analysis