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Neuropixels: Hi-Def Brain Probes content piece image

Neuropixels: Hi-Def Brain Probes

A new type of electrode for recording brain cell activity is set to revolutionize our understanding of decision making in the brain.
Industry Insight

The Attraction of Dry-Magnet MRI Systems

David Taylor, CEO, MR Solutions talks to us about their development of dry-magnet MRI systems

Alcohol is Gateway Drug to Compulsive Cocaine Use

Study details how prolonged alcohol use in rats leads to compulsive cocaine use.

Brain’s Autopilot Mapped

Study reveals a brain network previously thought to be confined to our inner thought processes, such as when day-dreaming, is crucial for enabling the brain's autopilot system.

DeepMind's AlphaGo Zero: Learns From Scratch Without Any Human Input

DeepMind’s New AI AlphaGo Zero Mastered the game of Go Without Any Human Input


Academics Hone in on Human Antibodies to Fight Zika and Dengue Viruses

An academic collaboration has developed monoclonal antibodies that could directly overcome two of the most prevalent mosquito-borne viruses in the world.

Neuroendocrine stem cells: a new model to tackle the obesity crisis.

Deriving human neurons that control feeding behavior from stem cells, could lead to better treatments for obesity
Neurons Encoding the Homeostatic Drive to Drink Found content piece image

Neurons Encoding the Homeostatic Drive to Drink Found

Using cutting-edge neuroscience techniques, researchers have identified 176 neurons in the hypothalamus crucial for mediating the survival behavioral drive to drink.

Global Virtual Lab Will Solve the Secrets of the Brain, Using LEGO.

21 of the leading neuroscience labs across the world are joining forces to solve the secrets of the brain, using Lego

Novel Synaptic Plasticity Mechanism Revealed

Researchers now report a new learning mechanism in the brain that calls into question the widely accepted view of how memories are formed and stored