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Accelrys Launches NanoBiology Initiative

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Accelrys, Inc. has announced the launch of the Accelrys NanoBiology Initiative at its AccelrysWorld annual conference and user event.

The goal of the Initiative is to accelerate the development of computational modeling and informatics software that will enable scientists and engineers to apply nanotechnology to key areas of biological research, including diagnostics, biosensing, drug delivery and biomaterial design.

By fostering collaboration between scientists and engineers, two traditionally disparate groups, and bridging the gap between materials science and life science, the Initiative aims to enhance nanobiology R&D, extending the use of nanotechnology into new areas of research.

The Initiative will bring together experts from industry, government and academia who will work toward the common goal of identifying and prioritizing critical business and technical issues in the area of nanobiology, such as design and safety concerns.

The Initiative's Scientific Advisory Committee will be chaired by Dr. Leroy Hood, president and co-founder of the Institute for Systems Biology and a leading proponent of biological applications of nanotechnology.

Accelrys' core strengths in life science modeling, materials modeling, informatics and workflow technology will be used to develop a comprehensive infrastructure of nanobiology software solutions.

These solutions will enable researchers to design nanoscale delivery platforms for drugs and diagnostics, nanoscale devices for biosensing and detection, and products for targeted medicine, systems biology and biodefense.

Special emphasis will be placed on the smart design of nanosystems and architectures, as well as on safety and toxicology issues.

The development of customizable workflows that help researchers streamline their work in nanobiology will also be an objective of the Initiative.

"We are excited to launch this new Initiative, which leverages our unique expertise across life and materials science and extends the developments resulting from our Nanotechnology Consortium in order to develop new computational approaches in nanobiology," said Mark Emkjer, president and CEO of Accelrys.

"With a visionary like Dr. Leroy Hood as the chairperson of our Scientific Advisory Committee, I am confident that we can deliver solutions that will have an impact on how people design and use nanotechnology in the critical space of biology and medicine."

"The application of nanotechnology within biological research has the potential to have a radical impact on personalized medicine, systems biology, biodefense and the environment," said Dr. Leroy Hood, chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee for Accelrys' NanoBiology Initiative.

"This is a great opportunity to influence the direction of this Initiative and I believe that by working together we will be able to develop solutions researchers need to effectively work at the nanoscale in several areas of biological research."