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ACE Biosciences and Crucell Collaborate to Discover Antibody Therapies

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ACE BioSciencesA/S and Crucell N.V. have entered a research and licensing agreement to discover antibody therapies to combat serious hospital-acquired infections, including those caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
Under the terms of the agreement, Crucell gains exclusive rights to assay a number of proprietary protein targets that ACE BioSciences has isolated and extracted from the cell surface of relevant bacteria.

Crucell will develop antibodies opposite these targets and in-licence the most promising ones for use in its anti-infection product development programme.

ACE BioSciences will be eligible for royalty and milestone payments on any therapies derived from the collaboration. ACE BioSciences was advised by BioSciencemanagers Ltd.
Ms Ingelise Saunders, ACE BioSciences’ CEO commented, "We are delighted that a company of the stature and experience of Crucell should recognize the unique therapeutic potential of our protein targets in the fight against infection."

"This deal validates the quality of our proteomics expertise and underlines the potential of our work in this large and underserved therapeutic area. I am confident that this is the first of a number of deals which we will broker in the coming months."