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Affitech Renews Worldwide Phage Display License From DKFZ for Breitling Patents

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Affitech AS has announced at BIO 2006 that they have renewed an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with DKFZ (German Cancer Research Center) of Heidelberg, Germany for the antibody library display patents, otherwise known as "Breitling" IP family.

These patents cover the use of full-length pIII phage protein as a scaffold in a phagemid vector, and are one of the fundamental patents for the phagemid display of antibody, antibody fragments and proteins.

As the antibody therapeutic market continues to grow with a record number of candidates moving through pre-clinical and clinical trials, Affitech anticipates that all serious entrants in the antibody field will consider the use of these patents.

This is backed by the fact that over the past couple of years, Affitech has negotiated cross-licensing agreements involving Breitling IP with leading antibody companies such as Dyax and Xoma.

The renewed terms provide Affitech the worldwide exclusive license until the expiry of the patents in the respective territories, and include the capability of Affitech to sublicense the IP to any company or organization worldwide. 

Regarding the renewal of the Breitling IP licensing, Dr. Martin Welschof, Chief Executive Officer of Affitech commented, "We are delighted to have renewed this exclusive license and the accompanying sublicensing rights with DKFZ with whom we have had a long-standing relationship going back to the original development of phagemid-based antibody display system."

"The Breitling family occupies a key position in the antibody field. The IP applies not only to screening libraries, but extends to antibodies discovered and developed for use as diagnostics or therapeutics."

"With the announcement of this renewal, we expect further sublicensing agreements to follow those already signed with Dyax and Xoma."