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Ariadne Genomics and Infocom Collaborate

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Infocom CO and Ariadne Genomics, Inc. have announced a collaboration to establish worldwide distribution of Auto Net Finder® Infocom's gene network analysis software.

Ariadne Genomics will integrate Auto Net Finder with its PathwayStudio® Central client-server pathway analysis software. Integration of Auto Net Finder with PathwayStudio Central adds new means to the analysis of microarray and proteomics data.
"There is a common problem with microarray data analysis. Usually the data has too many variables, genes, and too much similar-expression data, which creates difficulties in interpretation of the data in terms of molecular networks, distinguishing between direct and indirect correlation," said Kikuo Ohgaki, General Manager at Infocom CO.

"By utilizing a combination of network analysis tools, Auto Net Finder can predict networks more accurately and far more efficiently estimate inter-cluster relationships."

The addition of AutoNet Finder extends the use of Ariadne Genomics' PathwayStudio Central. Using these integrated products, scientists can infer regulatory networks from gene expression data and validate them through comparison with ResNet™ database of functional relationships compiled from literature, a part of PathwayStudio Central.

"Understanding the molecular mechanisms behind gene or protein expression changes is one of the most pressing tasks of today's systems biology in light of the huge amounts of microarray data that are easily available." commented Ilya Mazo, President at Ariadne Genomics.

"We plan to provide a collection of inference algorithms aimed at the reconstruction of regulatory networks from microarray data. For our clients, it will simplify the analysis of complex data sets and help to generate new insights into the mechanisms of cell regulation."

Auto Net Finder was developed through two-year collaboration between Infocom and Dr. Katsuhisa Horimoto at the Human Genome Center, Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo. The software will be available as a network-inferring module for Ariadne Genomics Pathway analysis products for an additional fee.