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Cytodyn Offers Latest Info for Advanced Bird Flu Protection

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CytoDyn.com has offered the latest expanded educational material to cover bird flu preparation.

The site also includes updated information about developments in HIV medication and other infectious disease issues.

Cytodyn.com has been expanded after CytoDyn, Inc.’s acquisition of a family of DNA plasmids under license from the University of Massachusetts.

These plasmids make it possible for CytoDyn, Inc. and its subsidiaries to develop vaccines and other products for bird flu defense.

"By using science as a foundation, our drugs are not developed on the usual trial-and-error basis, which leads other companies to have high failure rates or high toxicity," says Allen D. Allen, CEO of CytoDyn, Inc.

The site continues to expand as CytoDyn, Inc. works toward sophisticated means of bird flu defense and other products in its drug development pipeline.

The site now includes the latest news on vaccine development from the company, product information, and more about CytoDyn, Inc.’s vision and management.

"In order to better serve patients and family members concerned with infectious diseases and physicians specializing in infectious diseases, we’ve expanded our educational content after licensing advanced flu vaccine technology from the University of Massachusetts," says Allen.

The expansion of the site follows the acquisition of DNA plasmids used under license from the University of Massachusetts, which will allow CytoDyn, Inc. even better opportunities to develop products to guard against avian flu risks.