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Invitation from Ziva Abarahm, CEO at Microrite chairing The 2nd Annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology West Coast Conference 2018

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The two-day conference will be delivering updates and promoting discussion on key challenges and developments within the pharmaceutical microbiology industry.

The Chair for the event was recently announced to be Ms. Ziva Abraham; CEO and Founder of Microrite, Inc. Microrite is a California-based consulting firm, providing consulting and training services to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices and in vitro diagnostics in the areas of quality assurance, quality control, microbiology, and validation.

Ms. Abraham has over 25 years of academic, research, clinical and industrial experience in microbiology and quality assurance. She received her master’s degree in microbiology with a focus on mycology, and has conducted research on developing microbial insecticides using entomogenous bacteria and fungi for her PhD.

The Pharmaceutical Microbiology West Coast conference will provide insight into current industry trends in microbiological testing, as well as microbial contamination risk assessment, a topic Ms. Abraham, as well as other industry expert speakers, will be discussing in detail: “The field of Pharmaceutical Microbiology is evolving; there is more awareness of microbial contamination risk and the clinical implications of microbes. The draft EU Annex 1 is aligned with ICH quality guidelines expecting documented contamination risk strategy. These are exciting yet challenging times for microbiologists, whose role is pivotal in protecting the product and patient. The event will address these current challenges and developing trends of the pharmaceutical microbiology field in the interest of professionals involved in pharmaceutical microbiology and quality.”

The 2018 agenda for the event is packed with hot topics, such as mycoplasma testing, bioburden testing and contamination control, exploration of rapid microbiology methods (RMM), novel microbial identification methods, challenges in endotoxin recovery, current thinking on risk based environmental monitoring, data integrity issues and much more.