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Morphotek Announces Collaboration with the JWCI

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Morphotek® Inc. has announced that it has entered into collaboration with the John Wayne Cancer Institute (JWCI) for the discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies to a cancer-associated protein identified by researchers at the JWCI.

Morphotek will apply its proprietary Human MORPHODOMA® antibody technology to develop antibodies for use in the treatment of advanced melanoma, lung cancer and other solid malignancies that express the antigen.

Under the guidance of Dr. Donald Morton, Medical Director and Surgeon-in-Chief, the JWCI will provide its expertise in characterizing and evaluating the specificity and efficacy of these antibodies in bench studies and clinical trials.

"This agreement with the JWCI brings another top-tier specialized research institution into Morphotek's network and will further expand our therapeutic antibody pipeline into the field of melanoma," said Dr. Nicholas C. Nicolaides, President and Chief Executive Officer of Morphotek.

"The JWCI team brings a wealth of expertise in the area of antibody evaluation and validation. Their streamlined development process will enable us to move lead antibodies from the bench to the clinic in a rapid and cost-effective manner."

"We are excited to embark on this new venture with Morphotek because of its potential to significantly enhance research efforts in the development of human antibodies for the diagnosis and treatment of melanoma," said Dr. Morton.

"Morphotek's sophisticated hybridoma technology provides JWCI researchers another important tool to investigate the efficacy of therapeutic antibodies."

"JWCI's unique melanoma program and Morphotek's innovative technology represent a potent combination that should rapidly yield effective immune-based treatment for melanoma and other cancers."