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NanoString Technologies and Cell Signaling Technology Announce Agreement

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NanoString Technologies, Inc. and Cell Signaling Technology have reached an agreement to use highly validated antibodies from CST in NanoString's 3D BiologyTM Protein Profiling Panels. 3D Biology applications enable researchers to simultaneously measure combinations of up to 800 DNA, RNA and protein targets in a single experiment.

The agreement brings together leaders in the fields of multiplexed genomic profiling and antibody development to create new protein-based assays that will expand NanoString's 3D Biology product offerings. Under the agreement, CST will supply antibodies for use in NanoString assays which will be marketed by NanoString for use with its nCounter® Analysis System. These assays will provide investigators with powerful tools to uncover the molecular mechanisms of disease and enable the development of more comprehensive treatment strategies.

"Multiplexed analysis of gene and protein expression has the potential to improve the way we diagnose and treat patients with cancer. This agreement is aligned with our platform content enablement initiatives. By working with NanoString, we expect to further the advancement of new biomarkers and better targeted therapies," said Roberto Polakiewicz, Chief Scientific Officer of CST.

"We are pleased to bring CST's highly validated antibodies into our nCounter 3D Biology platform to give customers a wide array of protein targets to choose from. High quality CST antibodies should enable us to build on our reputation for precise and reproducible data. Our customers will benefit from multiplexed, single molecule, digital quantification of proteins with a rapidly expanding menu of assays," added Joseph Beechem, Senior Vice President of Research and Development at NanoString.