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Nuevolution A/S Appoints Professor Mark C. Genovese as Advisor

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Nuevolution has announced that Dr. Mark Genovese has joined as Scientific Advisor. Mark brings a vast knowledge and expertise within the field of inflammatory diseases to Nuevolution as well as a profound understanding of pre-clinical and clinical research, supporting the commercial value of Nuevolution’s program pipeline.

Dr. Genovese serves as a Professor of Medicine and is Co-Chief of the Division of Immunology and Rheumatology at Stanford University Medical Center. He established a clinical research program at Stanford University that is focused on bench-to-bedside translational medicine in autoimmune diseases and has designed and participated in many trials investigating novel therapies and therapeutic strategies for the treatment of autoimmune disease and arthritis.

“We are happy to have initiated our collaboration with Mark, who is a leader in the field of clinical immunology, and that he has accepted to join our Advisory Panel, said Thomas Franch, CSO of Nuevolution. “We are certain that Mark’s expertise will help us to accelerate our immunology projects further to meet our ambitions of providing novel treatment options for inflammatory diseases”.