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Ohr Pharmaceutical Awarded Key Canadian Composition-of-Matter Patent on OHR/AVR118

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Ohr Pharmaceutical, Inc. has announced that it has been awarded a new Canadian patent (#2,434,060) that includes claims related to composition of matter, methods of manufacture, and the effects of immune modulation of its OHR/AVR118 compound.

The patent is titled "Preparation of a Therapeutic Composition." Ohr was previously granted US, Israel, China, and Mexico patent protection for this intellectual property, with applications pending in Europe.

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Irach B. Taraporewala, Ph.D., noted the new patent further strengthens Ohr's global intellectual property coverage on OHR/AVR118 in a key market for its lead indication, cancer cachexia.

"We are delighted with the issuance of this important patent that will provide us protection in the Canadian market until at least 2021," said Dr. Taraporewala.

Taraporewala continued, "OHR/AVR 118 is at the forefront of clinical development for cancer cachexia. Our phase II trial in this indication is ongoing and we are excited about the continued progress of the program and its potential to meet this tremendously unmet medical need."

The Canadian cancer market is large and growing, with approximately 174,000 cases being diagnosed each year. Up to 60% of advanced cancer patients will develop cancer cachexia, the severe wasting disorder wherein the patient exhibits multiple symptoms including loss of muscle and fat, anorexia, fatigue, loss of appetite, weakness, and multiple gastrointestinal symptoms.

Additionally, upwards of 20% of cancer fatalities can be attributed to the effects of cachexia alone. Various pharmaceutical industry sources have estimated that the growing worldwide commercial market for treating cancer cachexia is in excess of $1 billion annually. There is currently no FDA or Health Canada approved therapy for cancer cachexia.

Ohr currently owns or has applied for more than 100 U.S. and foreign patents.