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Ono and Medarex Enter into Second Antibody Development Collaboration

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Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Medarex, Inc. have announced that they have entered into a collaborative agreement to research and develop a fully human anti-SDF-1 antibody for the potential treatment of multiple indications.

This is the second antibody development collaboration between Ono and Medarex. Anti-SDF-1 antibodies have been raised utilizing Medarex's UltiMAb Human Antibody Development System®.

Under this collaboration, Ono and Medarex expect to jointly work toward potential commercialization of a fully human antibody.

The two companies plan to share the costs and responsibilities of research and product development up to the completion of a Phase II clinical study.

Thereafter, each company will be fully responsible for any continued development and any commercialization in its exclusive territory; Medarex's exclusive territory is North America, and Ono's exclusive territory is all areas outside of North America.

"We are pleased to work with Ono as we continue to develop MDX-1106, our anti-PD1 antibody product candidate, and now for the development of a potential anti-SDF-1 antibody product candidate," said Dr. Donald L. Drakeman, President and CEO of Medarex.