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PolyTherics Granted Further Patents for TheraPEG™ and GlycoPol™

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PolyTherics Limited has strengthened its intellectual property estate with the granting of further patents for TheraPEG™, its site-specific conjugation technology, in Australia and Japan; and for GlycoPol™, a glycopolymer for targeted delivery of biotherapeutics, in the US.

PolyTherics has successfully applied its TheraPEG™ disulfide-bridging conjugation technology to a range of proteins and peptides, including interferons, blood factors and a variety of antibody formats, to either attach poly(ethylene)glycol to extend their duration of action or to produce a protein drug conjugate for targeted delivery.

The granting of the TheraPEG™ patents provides PolyTherics with coverage for its intellectual property in two important markets.

As with TheraPEG™ patents in other major markets the patent in Australia has broad application and covers products conjugated using TheraPEG™, its reagents and the conjugation process.

The granting of the US patent for GlycoPol™, a novel glycopolymer for targeted delivery of therapeutic agents, is a significant milestone for the Company.

GlycoPol™ is a new addition to PolyTherics’ technology offering and was obtained through the acquisition of Warwick Effect Polymers in January 2012.

PolyTherics is currently collaborating with several biotech companies and a top five pharma company in the application of GlycoPol™ for targeted delivery of a range of biotherapeutics.