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SDI Announces Participation of Berlex in Its Genomic Antibodies™ Initiative

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Strategic Diagnostics Inc. has announced that Berlex Inc., a U.S. affiliate of Schering AG, Germany, has extended its Services Agreement to include SDI's commercialized Genomic Antibodies™ offering.

Under terms of this amended agreement, SDI will provide polyclonal and monoclonal Genomic Antibodies™ to Berlex.

Matthew H. Knight, President and CEO of Strategic Diagnostics commented, "We are extremely pleased to have a world-class company recognize the utility of Genomic Antibodies™."

"The SDI Genomic Antibodies™ process significantly reduces the time required to produce a custom antibody for Berlex and Genomic Antibodies™ are successfully produced to traditionally difficult antigen targets such as transmembrane proteins, membrane-associated proteins and highly conserved proteins, which will help Berlex to identify and market new pharmaceuticals more quickly."

Mr. Knight continued, "We are just beginning our commercial efforts for this exciting new offering and continue to interact with a number of significant companies and research initiatives."

"We believe we bring significant value to our customers by decreasing the time to deliver new diagnostics and or therapeutics to the market."