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Stratagene and Strand Life Sciences Announce Partnership

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Stratagene Corporation and Strand Life Sciences have announced a strategic partnership to develop a suite of next generation bioinformatics software tools.

Under the terms of the agreement, Strand and Stratagene will collaborate on the design and development of software tools to address the increasingly complex demands of biological data analysis for life scientists.

Stratagene will exclusively market and sell the jointly developed products, which will utilize Strand's avadis™ technology.

"We are very excited about integrating Strand's avadis platform into our software solutions product line," said Joseph Sorge, MD, President and CEO of Stratagene.

"The avadis platform won the prestigious Frost and Sullivan Award for Excellence in Technology in 2005 because of the depth and versatility of its data analysis capabilities."

"This relationship with Strand strengthens our commitment to delivering powerful and easy to use bioinformatics tools to the life sciences community."

Stratagene and Strand expect to shortly release two sophisticated yet intuitive software packages that address the two bioinformatics software markets - systems biology-focused pathway analysis and analysis of the new generation of Affymetrix GeneChip® Arrays.

"Stratagene is the ideal partner for us, and ultimately, the customer will be the winner," said Vijay Chandru, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO of Strand Life Sciences.

"We believe that this partnership for informatics solutions will enable Strand and Stratagene to take a strong position in the functional genomics informatics vertical as the leading provider of comprehensive solutions to the research biologist."

"With Stratagene's strategic software alliance with Affymetrix, we are poised to deliver software tools that will facilitate the biologist through the seamless and effortless transition to the next generation of GeneChip microarrays including exon, tiling and SNP arrays and move from array analysis to pathway analysis equally seamlessly."

"In short, we deliver a timely, integrated platform from probe level signals to discovery."

The PathwayArchitect™ software is poised to become the new standard in pathway analysis.

With its intuitive interface and a customizable workflow, the PathwayArchitect software is designed for the life scientist who needs to understand the statistically relevant relationships in their system, not just the biological facts.

Its features include network modeling and relevance statistics used to map biological pathways accurately, as well as the ability to predict biological relationships with confidence.

It will also provide richer data sources and relationship types including biological data derived from curated data sources and data from text mining - PathwayArchitect supports MySQL and Oracle databases, can be installed locally on the desktop or deployed as an enterprise-level solution and is fully Mac, Windows and Linux compatible.

The ArrayAssist® Expression and ArrayAssist Exon Software are powered by the avadis technology.

The ArrayAssist Expression Software is offering a full spectrum of advanced analytical features such as statistical tests (multi-way ANOVA and non-parametric statistical tests), data mining tools (classifiers for machine learning-based prediction) and sophisticated, dynamic, interactive visualization options.

In combining the power of avadis with the intuitive design of ArrayAssist, Stratagene and Strand are looking towards the future of microarray analysis.

The ArrayAssist Exon Software will be capable of processing Affymetrix Exon Array chips, from initial raw .CEL data through the multi-faceted, comprehensive analysis of data in the dimensions of individual probes, exons, and genes.

ArrayAssist Expression and ArrayAssist Exon are Mac, Windows and Linux compatible and are integrated with PathwayArchitect, allowing for a seamless data transfer between the products.

For advanced users, a scripting engine will be featured in all Stratagene Software products. It will allow scripting of complex functions and user-defined workflows and will be fully integrated with external programs such as the R statistical software.