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TNO Expands Relationship with GeneGo

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GeneGo, Inc. has announced the expansion of their partnership with TNO, the Dutch Nutrigenomics Consortium and the European Nutrigenomics Organization (NUGO), together forming a group of 23 Universities and Research Institutes active in the area of nutrigenomics.

TNO and the NuGO consortium members will be using MetaCore version 3.0 in multiple research areas on nutrition, metabolism and related diseases.

The latest version of MetaCore will allow them to build combined metabolic/signaling networks from virtually any kind of experimental data.

They will be able to share experiments and results between any other NuGO consortium member and TNO's employees using a novel information management module in MetaCore.

"At TNO, we have worked with Metacore for one year now; both the tool and the interaction with GeneGo were highly satisfactory," said Dr Ben van Ommen, responsible for the nutrigenomics activities at TNO and director of NuGO.

"In the area of nutrigenomics, the interaction between the transcriptome and metabolome are crucial."

"Upon our request, GeneGo has extended its software with a metabolomics parser, allowing simultaneous visualization of gene expression and metabolite concentration in the same pathways."

"Nutrition science experiences a rebirth now that we can combine physiology with molecular details in the new area of nutrigenomics and nutritional systems biology, and adequate bioinformatics is one of the main limiting factors to success."

"We are very excited about this expanded agreement as there will now be 23 academic institutes in Europe using MetaCore under this agreement," said Julie Bryant, VP of business development at GeneGo.

"Our collaboration with TNO researchers helped us to adjust MetaCore for the needs of nutritional science which requires comprehensive coverage of human metabolism and understanding the connectivity between metabolic and signaling pathways."

"We have also developed the first metabolic parser which enables import of metabolomics data, its visualization and analysis along with molecular data in the framework of pathways and networks."