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Velcura Therapeutics and GeneGo Enter Multi Year Agreement

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GeneGo, Inc. has announced that Velcura Therapeutics®, Inc. has licensed MetaCore, GeneGo’s manually curated pathways database and data mining suite. 

All Velcura employees will have access to the MetaCore database and suite of software tools for three years to focus on bone related disease research. 

Velcura researchers will be using MetaCore for analysis of gene expression, proteomic, and other data related to human bone formation.

“We spent quite some time evaluating systems biology platforms and were impressed by the depth and breadth of the MetaCore knowledge base.” said Dr. Daniel Chagnovich, Director of Research Operations for Velcura. 

“MetaCore has impressive coverage of signaling and metabolic pathways and in-depth disease and tissue-specific data that is invaluable for our research.”

“In addition, MetaCore has a flexible and powerful front-end that allows our bench scientists to integrate multiple data streams and algorithms to fully mine our bone therapy data.” 

“We are very pleased to have Velcura as a new GeneGo customer,” said Julie Bryant, Vice President of Business Development at GeneGo.

“High-throughput experimentation matures fast, and nowadays researchers deal not only with gene expression, but also individual DNA variability, protein abundance and isoforms content, changes in body liquid metabolic profiles and high content drug screening data.”

“To be able to visualize and analyze such diverse datasets, we have built a comprehensive database of direct interactions between genes, proteins, enzymes, metabolic by-products and cell-regulators in human and other mammals.”

“Velcura researchers will be able to directly access this content and use it in projects via their MetaCore license.”