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Latest Posters

Detecting Contamination in Biopharmaceuticals

Rapid Contamination Detection in Short Shelf-Life Biopharmaceuticals

This poster explores state-of-the-art nucleic acid detection, the critical steps and the advantages of this approach.
mRNA Development

A Breakthrough in mRNA Therapy Development

Obtaining enough synthetic mRNA for clinical use has long been a hurdle in treating conditions like cancer and infectious diseases.. Current mRNA production methods involve complex purification steps and chemicals, limiting large-scale manufacturing.
Monoclonal antibody

Upgrade Your Monoclonal Antibody Purification Workflow

Recent advancements in affinity technology now support more robust and efficient Protein A chromatography. Hence, the latest Protein A solutions can enhance productivity, yield and accelerate products to market.
Biological insights into genetics

Simultaneous Measurement of Genetics and Epigenetics Enables New Biological Insight

There is more to DNA than A, C, G and T, epigenetics plays a causal role in cell fate, aging and disease development. Genetic and methylation data together on the same read allow us to get a more complete picture of genome biology. Constrained to measuring four states of information, existing NGS- based technologies sacrifice genetic for methylation calling.
Bit.bio Microglia Neurodegeneration

Functional, Reprogrammed Microglia To Study Neurodegeneration

Microglia play key roles in neurogenesis, synaptic remodeling, and are the first responders to infection in the brain. Hence, disease-relevant cell models are key to the success of neuroimmune and neurodegeneration research.
Immune Profiling for Disease

Precise Spatial Immune Profiling of PBMCs

This poster discusses the use of ChipCytometry, a modified approach to slide-based cytometry, which is a novel, highly multiplexed technology that preserves both plex and spatial context to deeply profile immune cell diversity at single-cell resolution.
Drug Targets

Accelerating the Discovery of Transmembrane Protein-Targeting Drugs

Drug discovery is a time-consuming, resource-intensive part of developing therapeutic targets. This is especially true for commonly considered 'undruggable' targets such as transmembrane proteins.
Precise Morphological Analysis of Tumors With Whole Transcriptomics content piece image

Precise Morphological Analysis of Tumors With Whole Transcriptomics

Researchers require spatial information and high-plex gene expression data to understand how cells interact with tumors. However, molecular subtyping within a tumor type requires additional stratification at the tissue level to facilitate meaningful subsequent gene expression analysis.
A Storm We Can’t Weather… Yet content piece image

A Storm We Can’t Weather… Yet

In a normal immune response, entry of the SARS-CoV-2 virus into lung tissue induces controlled activation of the immune system.
Precise Spatial Multiplexing of Immune Cell Diversity in Clinical Tumor Samples content piece image

Precise Spatial Multiplexing of Immune Cell Diversity in Clinical Tumor Samples

Highly multiplexed spatial biomarker analysis has demonstrated the potential to advance our current understanding of the immune system and its role in cancer.