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108Labs Launches Whole-Human Infant Formula with Secretory Antibodies

108Labs Launches Whole-Human Infant Formula with Secretory Antibodies content piece image
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108Labs has announced the discovery of novel secretory antibody biosynthesis in the development of Colostrupedics™ whole-human infant formula, the first animal-free infant formula exclusively comprising cell-cultured human milk molecules derived from human mammary cell agriculture and formulated with broadly-neutralizing human secretory antibodies. Since 2013, 108Labs has pioneered mammary cell agriculture to free mothers as the exclusive producers of human milk molecules by developing the first infant formula biosimilar to mother’s milk with secretory antibodies.

"Whole-human" infant formula is made exclusively with human molecules produced with human cells. Formulated with patent-pending human cell-cultured ingredients comprising complex sugars, probiotic HMO, bioactive human proteins, and calorically dense human lipids naturally evolved in mothers, 108Labs’ Colostrupedics™ whole-human infant formula is poised to disrupt the infant nutrition market with a new whole-human ideal.

Whole-human infant formula contains a healthier amino acid pattern, fully human protein sequences, and human oligosaccharides missing from bovine formula. Infants, and their parents, stand to benefit from 108Labs’ animal-free formula that offers balanced nutrition naturally evolved for newborns alongside antimicrobial antibodies naturally evolved against mucosal pathogens.

"After a long journey, it is an exciting day to emerge with such an innovative product vision and major scientific milestones behind us. 108Labs has long dreamed of a day when mothers do not have to compromise on nutritional or antimicrobial benefits when deciding how to feed their newborns. Launching Colostrupedics™ whole-human infant formula with the world’s first human secretory antibody ingredient is a major step in our mission to replace bovine with healthier whole-human milk worldwide by 2040," said Shayne Giuliano, co-founder and CEO of 108Labs.