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Abcam ELISA Assay Methods for use with Biochrom Microplate Readers

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Instead of loading methods manually, users can automatically pre-program the microplate reader with plate setup, standard curve, and analysis software for the Abcam ELISA assays. This saves time and helps reduce the chance of errors.

Abcam’s enzyme immunoassays are for research use for the detection of cytokines, cytokine receptors, CD markers, adhesion molecules, apoptosis markers, growth factors and hormones and other varieties of target within an ever expanding range.

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The method definitions are designed for use on the Biochrom Asys Expert Plus and the Biochrom Anthos MultiRead 400 microplate readers. These rapid multi-channel instruments have on-board measurement and data analysis software and are ideal for labs requiring simple, rapid reading of microplates. Users can download the methods from www.biochrom.co.uk/user_download.

Should the Abcam ELISA kit of interest not be within our current library of downloadable method definitions, contact support@biochrom.co.uk to have this written and added to our library.