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AbD Serotec Introduces Bovine and Ovine Dendritic Cell Growth Kits and Antibodies

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AbD Serotec has announced that it has launched bovine and ovine Dendritic Cell Growth Kits and a complementary panel of antibodies for dendritic cell phenotyping.

The Dendritic Cell Growth Kits have been developed to improve dendritic cell (DC) generation, by enabling researchers to develop a method for consistent cell generation, and to save time with pre-validated, optimized species-specific reagents.

The complementary panel of antibodies for bovine and ovine DC markers has been launched to enable cell surface phenotyping of DCs.

The Dendritic Cell Growth Kits are unique to AbD Serotec, and were developed in collaboration with the Moredun Research Institute, Edinburgh and Institute of Animal Health, Compton; centers recognized worldwide for their research in the infectious diseases of livestock.

The kits contain biologically active cytokines in liquid format, premixed at optimal concentrations to facilitate the generation of DCs from peripheral blood mononuclear cells.

Amanda Turner, Market Segment Manager, commented, “The Dendritic Cell Growth Kits will enable researchers to establish a method for consistent DC generation, and using optimized and validated reagents will save time. Selecting the most appropriate phenotyping antibodies can be a challenge, so we have therefore highlighted a selection of relevant references on our website, and have an expert technical support team available for advice as needed.”