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AbD Serotec’s New Quantitative ELISA Kit

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AbD Serotec has announced the availability of a new Quantitative ELISA kit for detection of Bovine Interferon gamma in Plasma, Serum and Cell Culture Supernatant.

Interferon gamma (IFN-gamma) is a secreted, pro-inflammatory cytokine recognized as a hallmark of Th1 type immune response.

Involved in many different phases of the immune function, IFN gamma has gained interest as a marker for autoimmune and infectious diseases, as well as for its therapeutic potential.

In particular quantitative determination of interferon gamma is used as an ancillary test for monitoring bovine tuberculosis in most countries.

The Bovine Interferon gamma kit from AbD Serotec contains two well characterized monoclonal antibodies and operates across a market leading range of 0.025 - 50ng/ml, providing results from Plasma, Serum or Cell Culture Supernatant.

Targeted specifically at the bovine research sector this kit comes complete with antibodies, plates and key test components.

“We are delighted to be able to offer this unique kit configuration and high level of assay performance to assist the research community in testing Bovine Interferon gamma. In providing the largest analytical range of any available commercial kit, users can access highly cost efficient results through removing the need to perform multiple sample dilutions, “said Market Segment Manager Daniele Gaudiosi.