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ArgusEye Introduces AugaOne To Accelerate Downstream Bioprocess Development

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ArgusEye, announced the introduction of the AugaOne™ sensor system. AugaOne is the first product in the Company’s sensor system platform, Auga™, and is tailored to accelerate downstream monoclonal antibody (mAb) process development by providing specific real-time and automated in-line data with high sensitivity, without requiring sample pretreatment.


Utilizing a nanoplasmonic sensing technology platform, AugaOne offers specific real-time monitoring of critical quality attributes and process parameters to determine the optimal process. Adapted for downstream processing, AugaOne facilitates applications such as in-line detection of product breakthrough, as well as the automated control of a multi-column chromatography set up. Its highly flexible, modular design enables the system to be easily and quickly integrated into existing equipment, increasing process efficiency and intensifying process development.

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Primarily developed to support biopharmaceutical scientists in the detection and quantification of mAbs, AugaOne can handle complex samples such as cell culture and plasma, delivering robust, accurate data independent of matrix effects, cells, and temperatures, with the plan to support process development of other biomolecules in the future. Additionally, its in-line monitoring capabilities greatly reduce the need for time-consuming, manually performed off-line analysis, significantly reducing production lead times.

Erik Martinsson, CEO and Co-Founder, ArgusEye, said: “Biopharmaceutical development relies heavily on time-consuming and labor-intensive off-line analysis for quality control, with limited products available for specific in-line or in-line monitoring. Our Auga platform aims to transform the bioprocessing workflow, enabling rapid, accurate data generation in real-time. Through the introduction of our new AugaOne sensor, we are accelerating mAb process development workflows, taking us a step further in our aim to support the rapid, continuous and cost-effective manufacturing of biologics to bring lifesaving treatments to the market.”