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Axiom Analytical Announces a New Diamond ATR Probe

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Axiom Analytical, Inc. has announced the availability of its new DMD-373 diamond ATR probe. The new probe offers similar advantages to the Company’s DMD-370 process ATR probe but in a smaller (23 mm) diameter, making it suitable for a wide range of both laboratory and on-line process analytical applications.

The mid-IR transmission of the new probe exceeds 10%, providing high performance when used with FTIR spectrometers employing room temperature IR detectors, an important consideration for on-line process applications.

In common with the DMD-370, the new probe features a diamond ATR element, Hastelloy C-276 construction, and energized PTFE seals, allowing it to function over wide ranges of temperatures and pressures and with highly aggressive chemical systems, including strong acids and bases.

The use of metallic internal lightguides provides a high degree of performance stability and long term reliability.