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Bio-Rad Introduces StarBright Blue and StarBright Yellow Dyes

StarBright Blue and StarBright Yellow Dyes
Credit: Bio-Rad
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Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: BIO and BIOb) has announced the launch of both the StarBright™ Blue-series and StarBright™ Yellow-series Dyes to provide greater flexibility in conventional and full spectrum flow cytometry applications. Offering exceptional brightness with narrow excitation and emission profiles for precise resolution, the dyes expand research capabilities across the blue (488 nm) and yellow (561 nm) lasers.


Each dye in the Bio-Rad range of highly stable StarBright Dyes is conjugated to flow validated antibodies, supporting flow cytometry panel design in immunology research. StarBright Blue Dyes 580, 615, 675, 700, 765, and 810 are excitable by the 488 nm laser, and StarBright Yellow Dyes 575, 605, 665, 720, and 800 by the 561 nm laser, with low background. Compared to PE and PE tandems, StarBright Blue Dyes are true 488 nm excitable dyes and StarBright Yellow Dyes offer reduced excitation by the 488 nm laser. They can be used in combination with other StarBright Dyes and traditional fluorophores.


StarBright Dyes are compatible with most experimental protocols and flow cytometers, including the Bio-Rad ZE5 Cell Analyzer, without the need for special buffers. Minimal lot-to-lot variation helps to ensure reproducible and consistent staining, and the dyes are resistant to photobleaching with no loss of signal in fixation.


“The continued development of the Bio-Rad StarBright Dye portfolio, now totaling 28 dyes and spanning multiple lasers, gives researchers greater choice and flexibility across multiplex flow cytometry applications, offering superior alternatives to existing dyes,” said Mike Blundell, PhD, Product Manager, Flow Cytometry, Life Science Group, Bio-Rad. “With the launch of the StarBright Blue and StarBright Yellow Dyes, Bio-Rad now has the most comprehensive series of new dyes specifically designed for flow cytometry.”