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Bio-Rad Launches Its Western Blot Learning Center

Bio-Rad Launches Its Western Blot Learning Center content piece image
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Bio-Rad Laboratories today announced the launch of the Bio-Rad Western Blotting Learning Center, an online library that provides comprehensive resources, information, and guidance to help researchers improve their experimental western blotting (or immunoblotting) approaches to obtain high-quality data.

The Bio-Rad Western Blot Learning Center, available on bio-rad.com, was created to provide researchers an online platform to learn about western blotting, leveraging Bio-Rad’s experience and expertise in western blotting as well as protein electrophoresis that spans decades. The center offers comprehensive information on the science of western blotting, best practices, tips and techniques, as well as guidance on how to troubleshoot experiments.

“We’re delighted to share our experiences with researchers to help them optimize their experiments and achieve more reliable results,” said Ben Wang, Bio-Rad Global Product Manager of Electrophoresis and Western Blotting Products, Life Science Group. “The Bio-Rad Western Blot Learning Center extends our support to researchers, offering insights and techniques on blotting from our experts,” he added.

Electrophoresis and western blotting are standard research methods used to characterize proteins. Bio-Rad offers a complete workflow solution for protein detection and quantitation featuring proprietary stain-free imaging technology, primary and secondary antibodies, as well as fluorescent and chemiluminescent imaging systems.