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Brain Plasticity is Key To Control the Pandemic and Support Vaccine Giants

Brain Plasticity is Key To Control the Pandemic and Support Vaccine Giants content piece image
Credit: PIRO4D/ Pixabay
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NeurodigitX, announced today a new comprehensive platform called Plastic Health™ that allows a powerful mainstream bloodless assessment of inflammation levels, first targeting the current pandemic, in an effort to supplement and enhance vaccine immunization strategies.

Nearly 50,000 scientific studies have been released on HRV (Heart Rate Variability), which affords a noninvasive assessment of inflammation of brain and bodily function. NeurodigitX reinforces the dominance of HRV for digital testing of inflammation, a central biological response to immunization. NeurodigitX provides the only protocol-controlled, high-resolution, longitudinal, individualized routine measure of HRV and brain plasticity to closely track inflammation status.

NeurodigitX collects HRV, respiratory and cognitive data with the "Plastic Egg", a biosensor and breathing-based game controller, and "Plastic" mobile games guiding user's breath to measure inflammation accurately. Repeated gameplay allows profiling of slowly evolving (stress, chronic disease) and rapid changes (virus exposure, immunization) in inflammation status.

The Plastic Health solution reveals a draining of plasticity reserve, reflecting inflammation changes. "Why do some individuals develop severe COVID-19 symptoms while others do not? Why this tremendous variability in our immune response? The answers lie in what controls the body's immune system", says Adam Anderson PhD, NeurodigitX' s Chief Scientific Officer, "brain signals reflect inflammation and control the immune system response, it is critical to measure them."

In the years to come and to complement forthcoming vaccination, Plastic Health combines individualized assessment and the heatmapping of public health. COVID-19 infection shows sudden inflammation change, further altered by the negative impact of cumulative stress.

When vaccine durability and transmission reduction remain unknown variables, and about 8 in 10 individuals are asymptomatic, "We help discover the infection ahead of symptoms, if any, restoring COVID-19 to a more controllable disease," says Anderson. Plastic Health also powers a singular platform for secure, compliant digital biomarker data exchange and crowd-sourced science.