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Chinese Academic Institutions Invest in Flow Chemistry

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Uniqsis report major growth in sales of its FlowSyn, FlowLab and modular based flow chemistry reactor systems to leading Chinese academic institutions.

Most recently, local distributor - Beijing SMS has installed systems at ICCAS, Kunming University and Sichuan University. These academic institutions were interested in acquiring easy to use and maintain, high performance flow chemistry systems. After a competitive selection process, Uniqsis was chosen to supply flow chemistry systems for their research and student teaching activities.

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The Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICCAS) was founded in 1956. ICCAS is a multi-disciplinary research institute dedicated to chemical sciences research, and to development of innovative high technologies to serve national needs and important strategic targets, as well as to developing collaborative high technology applications and transfers. ICCAS is one of China’s leading chemistry research institutions with a strong international reputation. ICCAS purchased a FlowLab semi-automated flow chemistry system that has been mainly used for ring-opening metathesis polymerisation (ROMP) reactions. For these reactions, the FlowLab system was set-up to deliver cyclic olefin monomers from pump A and catalyst from pump B. Despite the obvious viscosity change during this polymerisation, the ROMP reaction can be smoothly controlled using the reactor leading to excellent results.

One of the most respected academic institutions in China - Kunming University is the largest university in Yunnan Province. Kunming University purchased a fully automated 4 channel FlowSyn integrated continuous flow reactor system with Flow Control Software. The objective of Kunming University was to implement flow chemistry / continuous processing into their post graduate research programmes and teaching laboratory. Key to their selection was the support of the local Uniqsis distributor (Beijing SMS) and that the FlowSyn was easy to use and maintain.

Sichuan University is a national university based in Chengdu, the administrative centre of Sichuan Province in Southwest China. The institution, which is operated by the State Ministry of Education, includes departments that are home to the latest research in medicine and biology. Sichuan University maintains a strong partnership and exchanges practices with universities in Europe and the United States. Recently Sichuan University purchased two Uniqsis HotCoil™ heated coil reactor units to integrate into their existing modular flow chemistry set-up. As well as supporting some of their current research projects the modular flow chemistry is also being used as a teaching system for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.