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eGene Launches Gel Cartridge Kit For HDA-GT12™ Genetic Analyzer

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eGene, Inc. has announced the launch of GCK-RNA QC Gel Cartridge Kit for its HDA-GT12TM  Genetic Analyzer. 

The kit can be used to check the quality of total RNA, poly A RNA, cRNA, fragmented RNA and fragmented cDNA prior to performing northern blots, real-time PCR, microarray and microchip analyses, as well as for cDNA library construction.

“The sequencing of the human genome has given a big boost to gene expression research in cancer, immune and inflammatory diseases, central nervous system disorders and cardiovascular disease,” explains Ming S. Liu, chief executive officer of eGene. 

“Because RNA quality can have a tremendous effect on downstream analysis, determining the quality and quantity of RNA is an essential step before gene expression analysis can proceed.”

The GCK-RNA QC Gel Cartridge Kit is designed to enable the scientific community to perform RNA sample analysis, according to Monisha Singh, eGene’s global marketing manager. 

The system analyzes 12 samples in less than 10 minutes or 96 samples in less than 1½ hours to increase laboratory productivity. 

Automated sample handling on the HDA-GT12™ Genetic Analyzer using the GCK-RNA QC Kit offers hands-free sample loading. 

Four-, eight- and twelve-channel cartridges handle different sample capacities for throughput flexibility.  The eight- and twelve- channel cartridges perform 100 runs (1200 samples), while the four-channel cartridge performs 150 runs. The 12-channel cartridge can analyze up to 1200 samples.

Researchers can view the data in both electropherogram and gel view format for added flexibility.  Providing software with user-friendly analysis tools, the system collects and presents digital data for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

The first step in the target generation process is a quality assessment of the template RNA to determine that the sample has not been degraded or contaminated. 

The GCK-RNA QC Gel Cartridge Kit identifies the 18S and 28S ribosomal peaks for eukaryotic cells and the 16S and 23S peaks for prokaryotic cells and calculates the concentrations and ratios of the peak areas of the ribosomal bands in order to indicate degradation.

Before using cDNA in hybridizations, researchers can perform quality checks by running a fragmentation time course to identify how long a reaction needs to proceed.  This enables the majority of the sample to be concentrated within the desired size range for optimized target sensitivity.