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ELRIG UK and SRG Announce Partnership To Advance Life Science Professionals in Drug Discovery

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The European Laboratory Research & Innovation Group (ELRIG) UK, a not-for-profit, volunteer-led organisation for the drug discovery community, entered into a partnership with SRG, to support the advancement of science professionals in their careers.


The partnership offers the ELRIG community access to career opportunities and provides organisations of all sizes with SRG’s specialist talent solutions to help grow the life science sector. In particular, early career professionals (ECPs) in industry and academia can attend forums and networking events where they can meet, and learn the skills needed to help them advance their careers in drug discovery.

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ELRIG brings together academic and biopharma industry experts and thought leaders to exchange ideas and information through the provision of free-to-attend scientific meetings and conferences. Its primary objective is to provide leading-edge knowledge to the life sciences community on an open-access basis. As part of the ELRIG events programme, there are a range of activities designed specifically for ECPs. SRG, powered by Impellam Group, are experts in finding the specialist skills needed to support biotech and pharmaceutical research. They help life science companies — from start-ups to big pharma — to find, attract and nurture emerging talent, and aim to ensure outstanding career prospects for candidates. Together ELRIG and SRG will provide support to life science professionals that will allow them to gain a deeper understanding of the industry, select the right career path, and develop the tools needed to progress, while helping the drug discovery industry to flourish.


Sanj Kumar, CEO, ELRIG UK, said: “ELRIG and SRG have a shared ambition to advance the careers of early-stage professionals in drug discovery. ELRIG will provide the opportunities for ECPs to connect, whilst SRG can help them to expand their skillset and progress in their careers. Building such networks is an imperative as they navigate the myriad of collaboration and career options ahead of them. We are delighted to be working with the team at SRG, who bring 30 years of industry experience supporting scientific endeavours to this exciting collaboration.”


Andrew Turner, Managing Director, SRG, said: “As technological innovations accelerate, new fields emerge, and competition intensifies, the demand for professionals within STEM industries continues to outpace the available talent pool. Our partnership with ELRIG, an organisation that shares our passion for innovation, will focus on talent enablement, and supporting the advancement of science professionals at each stage of their career. ELRIG’s commitment to enabling early talent aligns wonderfully with the work that we perform across the life sciences sector to create opportunities for future generations. Together, we are creating world-class communities that empower individuals and businesses to shape tomorrow’s world.”