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ForteBio Introduces the Octet™ System

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ForteBio, Inc. has announced the commercial introduction of the company's first product, the Octet™ System for label-free, real-time detection and analysis of molecular interactions.

Octet is designed to accelerate antibody development by generating real-time quantitative and kinetics results quickly and easily.

Ready to use, consumable biosensors provide a way to make critical measurements even in crude samples and at early stages in antibody development.

The ForteBio Octet System is based on a proprietary technique called BioLayer Interferometry (BLI).

The Octet System incorporates a sensitive optical detector and a series of application-specific biosensor consumables.

The system was validated in beta testing conducted at Genzyme Corporation, KaloBios Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Raven biotechnologies, inc. and a number of other leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Researchers achieved success in the real-time analysis of therapeutic antibodies and proteins; and Octet provides capabilities that will allow expansion into a number of different life-science applications.

Raven has replaced ELISA methods with ForteBio's Octet System as the primary assay during cell culture and process development.

"Octet gives us product titres quickly and accurately from crude cell culture samples," commented Dr. Hugh Graham, head of upstream manufacturing at Raven.

"This helps us acquire more data in real time and thus improve our processes rapidly."

"By collaborating with scientists/researchers at our biotech and pharma beta sties, we were able to optimize our technology to meet their specific needs," stated Winnie H. Wan, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of ForteBio.

"We are very pleased with the acceptance of our proprietary technology and expect that the Octet System will be a valuable tool in the selection and characterization of therapeutic antibodies in development."

ForteBio will be presenting two technical posters, and the Octet System will be available for demonstration, at the IBC Antibody Therapeutics meeting in San Diego December 6 through December 8.