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GE Healthcare Announces Launch of Cytell™ Image Cytometer

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GE Healthcare has announced the launch of Cytell™ Image Cytometer, a benchtop-sized image cytometer for rapid cell characterization which introduces researchers to a new, simpler, faster and more productive way to conduct their cell analysis.

The Cytell system is being unveiled at Experimental Biology 2012 in San Diego, USA.

The new Cytell™ Image Cytometer enables researchers to capture detailed data about their cells quickly while using minimal sample volumes.

Data can be acquired for up to eight samples at a time and results are delivered through an intuitive graphical interface in less than two-and-a-half minutes.

The system simplifies researchers’ working practices and increases productivity by removing the need to use specialized cell analysis instruments.

Large cell analysis instruments are often in a shared facility, which can be difficult to access at the right time and time-consuming to use.

Dr Amr Abid, General Manager of Cell Technologies, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, said, “We believe that understanding life’s basic building block, the cell, is an essential first step in the development of new and more effective treatments for disease. The Cytell™ Image Cytometer complements our existing advanced cell imaging systems, the IN Cell Analyzer and the DeltaVision® OMX, by providing a quick and simple option for cell analysis. It is often the small changes that make the difference, and we believe that the Cytell will help researchers save both time and money in an increasingly constrained funding environment.”