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GE Healthcare Launches FTA® DMPK Cards for Storage of Preclinical and Clinical Study Samples

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GE Healthcare announces the launch of FTA® DMPK cards for the collection and storage of blood samples for use in pharmacokinetic and toxicokinetic (PK/TK) studies. This methodology stores the samples as dried blood spots (DBS) and has a broad applicability across the entire drug discovery and development process, from research through to preclinical and clinical trials.

The lower required blood volumes of 10 to 20 µl, compared to traditional approaches needing up to 500 µl, supports serial sampling, leading to enhanced data consistency and a reduction in the number of animals required per study.

FTA DMPK cards deliver both an ethical and economic benefit with workflow time reduced, as the procedure for blood sample processing is simplified.

For all card types the resultant DBS samples can be stored and shipped at room temperature whilst FTA DMPK-A and FTA DMPK-B cards also inactivate viruses and prevent bacterial contamination. Therefore, handling and shipping of samples is safer.

For analysis, sample discs are taken from the cards using a manual or automatic punch, from which the compounds of interest are extracted and analyzed. FTA DMPK cards are now routinely used by pharma and contract research organizations.