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GeneGo Releases New Version of Data Mining Platform

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GeneGo, Inc., has announced the new release of its flagship data mining platform MetaCore 3.0.  The new version is designed to allow scientists to time build combined signaling/metabolic networks from virtually any kind of experimental data.

It is thought that this breakthrough may provide a quantum leap in the resolution of functional analysis of gene expression, proteomics, metabolomics, high content screening (HCS), siRNA and other types of experimental data. 

MetaCore 3.0 also features a parser for visualizing metabolomics data in the context of pathways with connectivity between networks, canonical pathways, cellular processes and human diseases.

The new version also adds an enterprise-wide data management and user access system and disease specific networks.
"We believe that in this new version, we solved a major problem in functional data analysis, namely the uncoupling between signaling and
effector networks in complex systems," said Dr. Tatiana Nikolskaya, Chief Scientific Officer, President and Founder of GeneGo. 

"A living cell reacts to stimuli largely by changing its core biochemistry, and many metabolites serve as signaling molecules and mediators.  Genome-wide formalization of the whole process from receptor-ligand interactions to activation of certain metabolic pathways is key in the understanding of complex conditions such as diseases or drug effects.

Yet, signalling and metabolic pathways so far were largely not connectible even for the best studied yeast.  Now, we have completed this project for human and other mammals.  With integration of metabolic and signaling networks, as well as receptor-ligand interactions, the spectrum of resolution in MetaCore covers all levels from cellular processes to individual proteins small molecules interactions."

"In practical terms, this means that our customers can now analyze in one system multiple datasets which would be incompatible in any other environment, for instance mass spec metabolic data from human blood generated in clinical trials with pre-clinical rat expression arrays and cell culture siRNA experiments," said Julie Bryant, VP of business development at GeneGo.

"Think about cross-validation of metabolic biomarkers and drug mode of action studied in animal systems and screening data. MetaCore 3.0 is a common environment for both biologists and chemists throughout the whole drug discovery pipeline.

We have also addressed sharing of experiments, knowledge and analysis with a sophisticated enterprise account and experiment management system with hierarchical access to shared accounts, data and results exchange and annotation through e-notes."