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Guava Technologies Unveils RapidQuant™ IgG Kits

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Guava Technologies, Inc. has announced the introduction of RapidQuant™ IgG kits, a line of quantitative bead-based kits designed to quantify either mouse or human IgG antibody (Immunoglobulin G) during hybridoma screening.

Guava's RapidQuant IgG kits are designed to represent an approach to antibody quantitation by allowing assessments to be performed on a plate-based benchtop flow cytometer instead of traditional plate readers.

Available for both human and mouse antibodies, Guava RapidQuant IgG kits have simplified protocols that require little sample manipulation and less time than traditional ELISA protocols, the method most often used for antibody quantitation. These kits are optimized for use on the Guava EasyCyte™ system.

"Antibody development scientists often have to screen hundreds or thousands of hybridoma clones to select clones with the correct antibody specificity and then identify the clones producing the highest amounts of antibody," said Lawrence Lem, Ph.D., Strategic Marketing & Reagent Product Manager.

"With our new RapidQuant IgG kits, scientists can easily compare IgG production on large numbers of hybridoma clones using very small volumes of supernatant."

"More importantly, RapidQuant IgG kits combine with other Guava assays to accelerate the entire process of antibody screening by allowing all stages of screening to be performed from the culture media in a single well, typically without having to expand clones."

"The Guava RapidQuant IgG assays significantly reduce the hands-on time required to perform antibody quantitation," said Kamala Tyagarajan, Associate Director of Applications Development.

"The simplicity of the assay and the appropriate dynamic range will greatly lower the cost of quantitation by decreasing the assay time and the labor necessary."

The RapidQuant IgG assay is designed to provide reproducible and accurate results in the appropriate range for screening hybridoma culture media.

Designed as universal IgG kits, the RapidQuant mouse IgG and human IgG assays quantify all IgG subtypes equivalently.

Larry Bruder, Guava Technologies' chief executive officer, stated, "Guava's systems and assays have revolutionized cell culture monitoring and cell-based assays in the life science market."

"This new line of bead-based kits reflects Guava's ongoing commitment to innovate and design for ease, efficiency and cost-effectiveness."

Guava Technologies' systems, including the Guava EasyCyte and EasyCyte Mini, are microliter-scaled cell analysis systems that offer integrated, turnkey operations.

The Guava EasyCyte system is suited for automatic, high-throughput, 96-well microplate and multiple microcentrifuge tube analysis.

Suited for fluorescent protein analysis, the Guava EasyCyte system allows screening of GFP transfectant cells.

The Guava EasyCyte Mini System comes in a single-sample format and is well-suited for manual, single-sample, microcentrifuge tube analysis.