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Gyros Protein Technologies Introduces Gyrolab Generic Cyno ADA Kit Reagents

Gyrolab® Generic Cyno ADA Kit Reagents
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Gyros Protein Technologies AB has announced the introduction of Gyrolab® Generic Cyno Anti-Drug Antibodies (ADA) Kit Reagents, for the detection of circulating immune complexes of human IgG with cyno anti-human IgG. The new ready-to-use kit reagents streamline pre-clinical development of antibody-based therapeutics, enabling immunogenicity screening of drug candidates without the need for drug-specific ADA assay development.


The new kit expedites bioanalysis by removing the need for assay development and optimization across molecules to provide robust, reproducible, reliable data from nanoliter sample volumes. This is beneficial when ADA assessment is evaluated in pre-clinical animal models where sample volume may be limited.


Detecting and monitoring ADA is essential throughout drug development, in particular during the discovery stage, where multiple early-stage candidates are evaluated in parallel. During non-clinical studies, ADA monitoring is critical in understanding unexpected clearance profiles and safety or efficacy issues caused by formation of immune complexes.


The new bioanalysis kit is optimized for use on all Gyrolab systems and complements the Company’s existing portfolio of ready-to-use kits and solutions for pharmacokinetics and toxicokinetics, while expanding the utility of the Gyrolab platform into drug screening and preclinical phases of development. Automation with Gyrolab systems reduces variability due to manual intervention and speeds up workflows by generating 96 data points within 80 minutes, helping to speed the development of novel therapeutics. Additionally, the Gyrolab platform supports the development of drug-specific ADA assays in the later stages of drug development, using automated acid dissociation in the Gyrolab Mixing CD 96 and the dedicated Gyrolab ADA Software, enabling immunogenicity assessment all the way from discovery to every phase of process development.


Mark Vossenaar, General Manager, Biopharmaceutical Development Division, Gyros Protein Technologies, commented: “The introduction of the Gyrolab Generic Cyno ADA Kit Reagents is another valuable addition to our extensive portfolio of ready-to-use kits and solutions. Expanding the utility of our platform into drug screening and preclinical development will enable researchers to maximize performance and productivity, which will ultimately reduce the time neded to develop novel antibody-based therapies.”