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InSphero Secures Exclusive Commercialization Partnership With Genome Biologics for 3D Cardiac Organoid Platform

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InSphero AG is pleased to announce its exclusive commercialization partnership with Genome Biologics, based in Frankfurt, Germany. This partnership will grant InSphero exclusive global rights to commercialize Genome Biologics' revolutionary 3D Cardiac Organoid Platform. This platform is at the forefront of cardiac disease research, offering precise, scalable, and disease-specific organoid models that are crucial for the development of novel therapeutics.

The integration of Genome Biologics' 3D Cardiac Organoid Platform into InSphero’s existing suite of 3D cell-based assays and organ-on-chip systems represents a significant stride in enhancing our capabilities in drug discovery and toxicology testing. This technology enables researchers to observe cardiac biology and disease in ways that were not possible with previous models, facilitating faster and more accurate development of cardiac therapeutics.

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Filip Henzler, CFO of InSphero, commented on the partnership, stating, "The collaboration with Genome Biologics marks a pivotal moment for InSphero as we expand our technology landscape. The 3D Cardiac Organoid Platform not only complements our existing product offerings but also enhances our market position in providing cutting-edge solutions for complex biological modeling out of one hand."

Prof. Dr. Jaya Krishnan, Co-founder of Genome Biologics, added, "Our partnership with InSphero is a testament to our shared vision for advancing human health through innovation. By combining our expertise in organoid technology with InSphero's robust commercial capabilities, we are setting a new standard in the predictive accuracy of preclinical models for cardiac diseases."