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LabX Media Group Acquisition Aims To Support Analytical Scientists

LabX Media Group Acquisition Aims To Support Analytical Scientists  content piece image
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LabX Media Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of the UK-based digital media organization, Separation Science.

Focused on applications in chromatography, mass spectrometry and spectroscopy, Separation Science tracks and covers essential research topics including global PFAS testing, battery manufacturing and materials analysis, trace level impurities in pharmaceutical products, food fraud prevention and more.

The acquisition also includes Separation Science’s Analytical Training Solutions and Chromatography Forum, a premier forum for analytical chemists that serves a community of over 48,000 leading experts.

As the most recent brand to join LabX Media Group's portfolio, Separation Science will benefit from the depth of resources, expansive audience and integrated technologies to streamline and enhance its platforms.

LabX Media Group is committed to growing the Separation Science community and working with the existing team to further strengthen the platform and leverage the experience of the larger organization.

Ken Piech, executive vice-president at LabX Media Group said, "Separation Science serves a highly regarded market of experts in our field that will no doubt raise the bar on our ability to target new audiences and clients through the most critical applications and leading technologies in our industry.”

Piech continued, “We are thrilled to be bringing these brands and the current team into our organization, it's a perfect complement to our strategy at LabX Media Group."

Dean Graimes and David Hills, co-founders of Separation Science, and their team will continue working with the newly acquired business unit and are enthusiastic about the future. Quoted in a press release Dean Graimes said, "We're delighted to not only be joining the LabX Media Group team, but we see a bright future for our platforms in this new partnership.” Graimes added, "Clients of Separation Science will continue to see our dedication to first-rate service levels that have made the platform successful over the last 14 years and can expect more expansion to our already vibrant programs."