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Linkam Scientific Appoints new MD and Invests in the UK to Support Global Expansion

Linkam Scientific Appoints new MD and Invests in the UK to Support Global Expansion content piece image
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Linkam Scientific Instruments has made a series of investments under the leadership of new Managing Director, Ross Browne.

Ross has been with the company for the last 30 years, joining initially while completing his electronic engineering degree at London’s Kingston University and returning full time following his studies. He has played a key role in taking Linkam from a small, niche business to a global technology leader supplying more than 70 countries around the world. With dedicated R&D operations in the Netherlands and a growing R&D and production hub in Surrey, UK, Linkam has built a strong reputation as an innovator, supplying totally unique products designed to help advance scientific discovery.

Linkam was founded in 1982 by Arnold and Louise Kamp and the company designs and manufactures stages, electronics and software that can be used in conjunction with light microscopes and a wide range of analytical techniques including Raman, FTIR, WAX/SAX and other X-ray techniques to enable scientists to analyze and characterize samples.

The company has grown significantly in the last decade, almost doubling its team (from 22 in 2010 to 43 today), with additional engineering and sales roles still being added. In the last year, Linkam has invested in two additional buildings at its site in Tadworth, gaining approximately an additional 4,500 square feet of floor space to house the growing team and new facilities. A dedicated video conferencing suite has been installed, enabling Linkam to better deliver dedicated technical support to its growing global customer base. In the production site, a new Mazak and two new Haas machine tools were installed earlier this year, increasing production capacity and efficiency.

Having established key strategic partnerships with specialist distributors in China, Germany, Japan, Korea and the USA, the growth in demand for Linkam’s solutions is fuelling its expansion and investments. Other partners are also in place in many other countries, where demand is beginning to grow. The Linkam team is providing more and more support to its global partners, including investments in trade shows and marketing campaigns to help increase brand awareness in key market sectors including pharmaceutical, green energy and cryo-correlative microscopy.

Speaking about Linkam’s global expansion, Ross Browne commented: “We have always be known for the quality of our products and our focus on developing custom solutions to solve scientific challenges. Many of our core products have been borne out of this commitment to innovation and problem solving. As we continue to gain interest in our unique proposition from scientific organisations around the world, we are able invest more in our people, facilities and R&D to move us to the next chapter in an already impressive history.

“The values of our founders are a guiding force in the business that we see today – their passion for technical design, can-do attitude, fearlessness and genuine desire to solve customer problems have fuelled Linkam’s success and growth aspirations. Arnold Kamp and his son Vince grew the business and laid the ground work, creating a friendly, family business culture that is still evident today. I am excited to continue this legacy and lead the business forward with a talented and dedicated team that continues to grow, both at home and with our partners around the world.”

Ross heads up Linkam’s Board of Directors, which includes Helen Kenward, Finance and Operations Director, Peter Grocutt, R&D Director and Duncan Stacey, Sales and Marketing Director. The team works together closely to support the growth of Linkam, under Ross’s leadership.