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Molecular Devices Introduces SoftMax® Pro 5

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Molecular Devices Corporation has announced the launch of SoftMax Pro 5 data acquisition and analysis software for its extensive line of microplate readers.

The software is available in two editions: SoftMax Pro 5 for use in research and academic laboratories, and SoftMax Pro 5 GxP with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance features for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Both software versions are compatible for the first time with Mac OS X and also continue to support Microsoft Windows operating systems.

"The launch of SoftMax Pro 5 is a significant upgrade for our 23 microplate reader product lines," said Jan Hughes, VP Marketing at Molecular Devices.

"We solicited input from researchers from over 50 leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to address research, validation and IT requirements, and their feedback is evident in the new software capabilities."

He further stated, "We're also very excited about bringing SoftMax Pro 5 to Mac OS X to support our users in this area."

SoftMax Pro 5 introduces 5-parameter logistic curve fit and parallel line analysis graphing functions to allow users to compare and QC their sample standards.

These capabilities are designed to enable researchers to accommodate asymmetric data sets in their analysis.

To streamline the development of new and existing assays, including IC-50 determination, enzymology, early ADME, nucleic acids, and ELISA, users can select from 120 pre-developed assay protocols.

The SoftMax Pro 5 GxP edition was developed for customers who are required to comply with multiple regulatory requirements.

SoftMax Pro 5 GxP has networked-linked user management tools to allow companies to securely host and manage authorized researchers worldwide.